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More than 2 million subscribers, who is also huge on Twitch with more than 1 million followers.


One of the first streamers to ever professionally stream. More than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.


MLG, IEM, NASL, DotA International – you name it, Sean “Day[9]” Plott commentated at it. Over half a million subscribers on YouTube


With Voddity since his YouTube channel had 0 subscribers. A massive IRL streamer with subscribers now at over 110,000.


From 0 to 100,000 subscribers in just a few months of being with Voddity. A popular IRL live streamer on Twitch.


Widely popular for his League of Legends gameplay videos and commentary. Over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube.


A popular model and Twitch streamer with over 2 million Instagram followers and 300,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Popular Twitch streamer that chats, sings, cosplay and plays games for over 1000 consecutive live views.


A successful GTA RP streamer with over 8000 consecutive live views on Twitch.

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