Interested in partnering with Voddity?

Our mission is to provide streamers with an amazing YouTube presence as well as a fully hands-off source of passive income. 

Here are the things we do for our clients:

Video editing and content selection - Content reelers pick and choose the best content and editors compile it into a stream of content that's optimized for YouTube.

Thumbnails - Available and dedicated designers collaborate with managers and editors to create effective thumbnails.

Managing - Ensure the videos and thumbnails are of sufficient quality. Titles, description, tags, monetization, playlists, and anything else that needs to be optimized are properly done so.

Analytics - Managers constantly observes various analytics like A/B thumbnails to ensure they constantly sharpen their intuition as to which thumbnail will perform better and which will not, which videos should be prioritized and when, how often a channel should post videos, etc. So they may effectively guide the direction of the client’s team.

Open Communication - Communicate with all the managers, editors, designers, artists, content  reelers and any other people assigned to your channel on a private Discord channel.

Assets - Personalized banners, profile pictures, outros, intros, and other assets upon request.

Merchandise - Need merchandise for your audience? We can do that too. From talking with manufacturers to delivering the product to your audience.

DMCAs - Someone stealing or misrepresenting your image on YouTube? We can help with that.

Sponsorships - Dedicated people constantly search for available sponsorships for your stream and YouTube channel.

If you're interested in working with us please link your stream, YouTube (if you have one), and any other relevant information. Thank you.