How quickly can I see growth in my YouTube?

While we can't guarantee immediate growth. We have systems built in place to maximize the likelihood the channel will succeed. Structure and pacing of the videos, thumbnail optimization & titles just scratch the surface of what we do.

How much revenue can I anticipate from my YouTube?

It really depends on your demographic as advertisers are willing to pay more for a certain group of people (especially high for finance and cosmetics). Usually we see an average of 1.7 cpm which means for every 100,000 views you can expect to earn around $170.

How many editors are going to be assigned to my team?

We assign enough members of each team (content reelers, artists, editors, etc.) as required to fill the required volume of posting.

How often are videos going to be published on my channel?

It really depends on the amount you. Our goal is to keep up with your stream and stay on top of the most recent content coming out of your stream so people on your YouTube aren't segregated from your Twitch stream. So the amount we post and how often we post is directly correlated with the amount you stream.

Can I give suggestions and review editors' work before publishing?

Yes! You will have absolutely open communication with all the editors, thumbnail designers, managers, content reelers, artists, etc that are working on your channel.

What can I anticipate the length of the video to be?

We default to at least 10 minutes as that's the YouTube standard at the moment but it's up to you. Just include this in the description on the "Add to Cart" page.